A new review on ADC Hubsofts

Well since this is my first official post might as well make it something worth looking at. Today I have decided with some encouragement to take a look at some of the ADC hubsofts that are being worked on today. So with that being said the hubsofts that I tested were; ADCH++, Netfraction, and Starhub (I could not test uHub due to machine difficulties a.k.a linux hates my machine…even in a VM =) anyways…on to the review! On a side note this is not to be a “technical” review, I am doing this because the average hub owner more so cares about layman terminology and is not as much concerned with the technical aspects , with that finally being said, enjoy!

ADCH++ 2.5.2
Arguably the best ADC/ADCS hubsoft readily available to the end user. ADCH++ is made by the same team who actively develops DC++ and therefore strictly adheres to the ADC protocol, plus it includes ADCS support, which unfortantely not all ADC hubsofts have support for. When first installing ADCH++, the installer gives you the choice to install as a service, very nifty if you don’t want a command prompt box up every time you decide to run ADCH++… as for first time configuring you may want to read the faqs for intial setup alternatively there is ADCH++ GUI (i chose to only review ADCH++ as they are the same except one has a GUI). The initial setup for ADCH++ can be found on the top right of the ADCH++ homepage under “User Guides”. Last but not least is ADCH brings hubowners support to run PtokaX scripts! through the PtokaX bridge although not fully supporting the PtokaX API, it is nonetheless a very big advantage.

Netfraction 0.2/0.3
When I first downloaded Netfraction, the main download on the page gave me version 0.2 which in all honestly, just did not work for me, it wouldn’t run at all, that being said and with my help DarkKlor has done some work to improving Netfraction. Today the new build number was 0.3 and this what I have tested. Netfraction in its total form is a hubsoft and a client, I only tested the hub portion (relevancy this is a hubsoft article :wink:… anyways as of now, Netfraction is somewhat difficult to set up, BUT a major plus is it now has the beginnings of ADCS support, during my test of Netfraction I came to the conclusion that right now the average hubowner just wouldn’t have the patience or maybe all the know-how to set this hub up, but as far as truly being able to use it as an active hubsoft, I would say no, on that note I would. Netfraction in my opinion has an awesome potential though, I would keep an eye out for this hubsoft, it looks very promising.

Starhub 0.61
Starhub is an ADC Hubsoft based in Java, its gui is very user friendly and not bad at all, the gui is laid out nicely, pretty much anything you need done can be done from the gui which is very nice. There are really only 2 problems with Starhub that I have seen, the most prominent of them being that it doesn’t have support for ADCS which is a big let down as the other hubsofts (including the ones that are not actively developed anymore) include support for it, hopefully this is resolved soon, the other problem i found was that there is an option to resolve your own address on the Hub -> Parameters page “Hub Host Address” there’s button to the right of it which will automatically resolve your ip address for the hub, well my qualm with it was it only resolved to my local address…i.e. 192.168.x.x so be wary of it and make sure you pay attention when you use this option. Other than the stated problems it’s a really nice hubsoft, especially the features in the gui for managing user accounts which allows you to control hub permissions from inside the gui. A very nice hubsoft indeed and hopefully it will continue to be developed as this one has a lot of potential.

As for the other hubsoft like FlexHub unfortunately there is no publicly available binary to actually to test, but as far as i can tell it’s looking more and more promising every day and as previously said due to conflicts with my machine I could not properly set up a *nix box to compile and run uHub hopefully a full review will be done soon but for now these are the hubsofts I have tested.