[ADC 1.0.2] Explicit note about responsibility in STA

STA does not explicitly define who should take action when a ‘fatal’ severity is sent. However, it makes only real sense that the sending/issuing party will manage any type of disconnect. That is, if the hub sends STA 231(perm ban) to a client, the hub isn’t saying “you are permanently banned, please disconnect”; the hub must do the disconnecting.

So, I’d like to change the following to;

|2 |Fatal (disconnect), sending party is responsible for action.

agree 100% , its going to take away a lot of confusion …

Did not find it directly but still think this http://www.dcbase.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=743&hilit=STA+RD should be concidert, it would make that STA and QUI logic

This is in ADC 1.0.2, closing.