[ADC 1.0.2] Reference to 'incomplete' attribute in schema

I was going through the spec and noticied that the XML schema is lacking a reference to the ‘Incomplete’ attribute for directories.

It should not matter for compatibility sake wheter the reference is added or not, since it’s an optional attribute. Regardless, I think it should be added for completeness.

<xs:element name=“Directory”>
<xs:extension base=“ContainerType”>
<xs:attribute ref=“Name” use=“required”></xs:attribute>
<xs:attribute ref=“Incomplete” use=“optional”></xs:attribute>
<xs:anyAttribute processContents=“lax”></xs:anyAttribute>

Commited as of http://adc.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/adc/trunk/ADC.txt?r1=3&r2=78

This is in ADC 1.0.2, closing.