[ADC-Ext 1.0.6] TYPE - Typing notifications

From the old wiki:

The typing notification is similar to Jabber’s “Chat State Notifications” [1].

This extension adds the new command type TPN. If client supports this it must add TYPE in INF SU field.

TPN should be send to Reply-To user (for chatroom orgainzation and etc) (PM flag in MSG if any). In that case chatrooms bot can normally broadcast this messages to “joined” users.

Contexts: F, T

TPN code

00 - gone (closed tab, minimised window, etc…)
01 - inactive (changed tab, window became unfocused (but not closed/minimised), etc)
02 - paused (paused typing)
10 - active (now in this tab, reading message, actively participating in the chat session)
11 - composing (now typing a message)
All TPN messages are sent when event occurs. 00, 01, 02 - client should send; 10, 11 - client must send.

Added to ADC-Ext 1.0.6.

Pushed in official ADC-Ext 1.0.6.

This is in ADC-Ext 1.0.6, closing.