[ADC-Ext 1.0.7] RSS and ATOM feeds for ADC (Draft)

Here is a shitty google translate of CyBs idea for RSS feeds and ADC something worthwhile to add on to the spec too bad the guy never translated it

ORGINAL SOURCE: http://dcproject.4242.hu/doku.php/feed

RSS and ATOM feeds for ADC (Draft)


The Web-based RSS XML File formats for cooperation in his family to spare users from the web using these solutions have to visit regularly for new content because of the control, or to someone having to receive this notification. A feed reader or aggregator known program can check RSS-enabled web pages instead of the user and is able to display the updated articles. (Source: hu.wikipedia.org)

I use quite a lot of DC Clients, and while I would immediately get the latest news updates. Therefore, the idea came to what would be my client if the DC is able to read RSS and ATOM feeds. In this spirit, a robot made in NMDC hubs that worked and was able to process RSS feeds and display of the hub, where they usually stayed. This, however, been raised by the problem that not all users want to hear about the news, which I do. Thus, I had to work out a procedure by which the common hubs Chat free of excessive (for others to be considered spam) information.
The ADC protocol is

The ADC protocol is currently widely used in NeoModus DirectConnect protocol is a well-designed and enhanced version by Jan Vidar Krey and then started to make a DC client developer Jacek Sieka is supported. The protocol has reached the end of 2007 after a lengthy planning - currently in use - version 1.0. Most of the currently used DC-based client knows the ADC protocol. Unfortunately, we are a lot of small-caliber server program available, so the ADC support rather small number of hubs. I hope that soon this will change the status of the ADC and also gain a worthy place in the P2P world.
The protocol FEED Addition

The ADC protocol is a great advantage to the basic protocol that can be added to any supplement (extension), so your developers can implement their ideas quickly and easily, and incorporated in the protocol. I thought that the treatment of feeds I’ll bring up an addendum. As a result, developers and of course the users themselves can decide whether you want this to hubtól or possibly another user / robot feed entries accepted. Indeed, thanks to a complement of specific DirectConnect clients can maker’s own format to display the feed’s entries, but the primitive common chat script.

To ensure that the hubs and clients alike can read the supplement orders, and the hubs and in the client to display the SUP: ADFEED as support, as well as the client command in the INF SU field should also indicate this.

Client 	 HSUP … ADFEED
Hub 	ISID …
Hub 	IINF …
Client 	BINF … SUFEED,…
Hub 	BINF …
Hub 	IRSS http://example.com/rss FNExample\\sfeed


RSS url
Context: F, T
Status: NORMAL

An entry in the RSS feed command can be shared with others. Url - the identification because - in all cases, the feed from a link.

The command in the following table named fields can be used:
Code Description
CH in the channel, where the content is sent in
CR content of the sender name of the user, ie the author of the entry
But the content brief summary
Submit the DT term UNIX időpecsétje
FD Feed Description
FN Feed Name
LI Direct link to the entry
The RM value of 1 if the feed has been removed from aggregator.
The posts from TI


If any operator picks up a new feed you a generator hub, the hub will notify users about the event:

Hub IRSS http://example.com/rss FNExample\\sfeed

Of course you can also send notifications to the hub, where one operator delete a feed you:

Hub IRSS http://example.com/rss RM1

If a client would like to share with others in a feed entry, you must send the following command hubnak what the hub and then all of a client of the Forward, which supports the extension of the FEED.

Client  	 FRSS … +FEED http://example.com/rss TINew\\sfeed\\sentry DEThis\\sis\\sa\\stest\\sfeed\\sentry LIhttp://example.com/entries/new_feed_entry DT1253628000 CRCyB

If the hub share the same entry is:

Hub  	IRSS http://example.com/rss TINew\\sfeed\\sentry DEThis\\sis\\sa\\stest\\sfeed\\sentry LIhttp://example.com/entries/new_feed_entry DT1253628000 CRCyB


RSS url
Contexts: F,T
States: NORMAL

The extension adds RSS feed notification. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS for a description. url is the URL to the feed.

Signal FEED in SUP.

CR Name of the author.
TI Name of post.
DE Content summary of post.
LI Direct link to post
FN Feed name
FN Feed description
DT Time of publish. Specified in seconds since UNIX epoch.
RM 1 = Remove feed from aggregator.

Publish a new feed called ‘Example_feed’ and with a description ‘description_of_feed’:

RSS > http://example.com/rss > FNExample_feed FNdescription_of_feed

Remove a feed:

RSS > http://example.com/rss > RM1

Publish a new post ‘New_post’ from ‘John_Doe’:

RSS > http://example.com/rss > TINew_post DEdescription_of_post LIhttp://example.com/entries/new_post DT1253628000 CRJohn_Doe

Added to ADC-Ext 1.0.6.

Pushed in official ADC-Ext 1.0.6.