[ADC-Ext 1.0.8] Dates in file lists

The parameter name would be “Date” and it can be added both for files and directories. The parameter contains the modify date of an item in Unix time format. I’d leave it up to the sending client to decide for which items this information is added. AirDC++ 2.50 adds this parameter for all items in partial lists, but only for directories in full lists.

Comments about this topic:
Letting the requester to decide doesn’t seem like a good idea since it would increase the number of different file lists that should be generated. Generating a single file list may take several minutes and users may have different share profiles available that already require different file lists to be generated. If the requester is afraid of the size of the file list, it should get partial list instead. The sending client could also set the level of information based on the number of files in the list (and possibly based on the configured upload speed too).

I honestly don’t think that this is at all useful, but here is what I’d write for ADC-Ext.

=== Date attribute in file list
This extension adds a ‘Date’ attribute to files and directories in a file list. The attribute is the last modified date of the file or directory. Time specified is seconds since the Unix epoch.

Implementations should be conservative when it includes the Date attribute. Only including the attribute in partial file lists can decrease overall network load requirements.

The following changes are done to the file list XML schema:

A new attribute is defined:

<xs:attribute name=“Date” type=“xs:unsignedLong” />

The attribute is then referenced in the File and Directory element:

<xs:attribute ref=“Date” use=“optional” />

I forgot something:

AirDC++ adds the date also for the “FileListing” element but the attribute is called “BaseDate” in that context. The reason why I used different naming was probably to prevent it being mixed up with other possible dates (specifying the generation date of the file list is something that I can think of at least).

Actually it wouldn’t be that bad idea to add the generation time in the file list. AirDC++ now uses the modify date when displaying the file list date but it’s not as reliable. I’m also planning to implement support for dclst files (currently used by Flylink) and the creation time would be useful also in those.

Possibly the attribute could be “GeneratedOn”? I’m open for other suggestions too :stuck_out_tongue: