ADC Extensions 1.0.6 Rundown

Ok, so I thought I would briefly go over the new set of extensions for ADC brought in by ADC Extensions 1.0.6

KEYP : This extension adds a simple, but secure way to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks against ADC when wrapped with TLS (1.0 or later). It does not require setting up a CA or signing keys, but that is still possible if desired.

SUDP : This extension adds the ability for UDP traffic (searches for example) to be encrypted, this along with KEYP and ADCS is one of the most important extensions in my opinion bring ADC just that much closer to an even better and more secure protocol.

ADCS : Ahh, finally something down on “paper” so to speak, ADCS in its simplest form is ADC + encryption = goodness =), officially ADCS is a “TLS/SSL layer just over the TCP layer and beneath the application layer (where ADC runs)”.

TYPE : Basically allows a person in Private Message with you to see when you are typing … think MSN messenger, I don’t really think it’s useful or needed.

SEGA : To sum it up shortly, instead of instances where search strings can have large amounts of EX’s are sent in a search so SEGA allows us to eithe group multiple groups (i.e Audio and Video which would be 1(audio) + 32(video)) which would lead to the GR being GR33 to search more efficiently or we can use RX to remove an extension of a group for instance say you want to search for all audio files except MP3, then it would just send a search for all audio with RX for MP3 … “GR1 RXMP3”

FO : This extension is sent to clients when they connect to a hu, the hub will send them FO with a list of hubs to try and connect to in case the hub the user originally connected to goes down

FS : This extension shows the amount of free slots a user has, plain and simple