ADC Server-Side Transfer Amount Tracking

I heard rumors floating around that ADC would allow for server-side upload/download tracking. Is this true? If not, would there be a way to implement it?

The reason I ask it that it would be fantastic to be able to generate a list of top sharers, top leechers, be able to have ratio contests, be able to restrict downloads to people with a certain ratio, etc. The possibilities are endless. I don’t know if this is feasible because of the way the protocol works (negotiate the connection, then leave it up to the clients to download), but it sure would be nice.

Another idea would be instead of the hub keeping track of the ul/dl itself, have the ability to poll the clients for the amounts they have stored with a set command. Example: Hub sends transfer-amount-poll to clients, each client sends back how much it’s downloaded and uploaded.

In order for this to be used effectively, clients would have to somehow store the ratio in an encrypted manner, because, as it stands, it is trivial to manipulate it.

Any thoughts?

yepp there is such an extension the only problem so far is that its Hungarian

so it needs to be translated before its submitted

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