ADCH++ 2.2

Some bug fixes mostly, also, the Bloom Filter Extension implementation is now complete, although not enabled by default. You need to edit your xml config file in order to enable ( if you please ).



    • access.lua: fixed message type for MSG
  • Some minor socket fixes
  • Initial Bloom filter implementation
  • Fixed 100% cpu / infinite resend bug

Is this project dead? It’s not ADC/1.0 compliant because it reports the hub as CT5 in the INF stage, instead of CT32, which from what I can tell was last in the ADC/0.14 spec (though I can’t find any later revisions before 1.0). If hub software can’t even be ADC/1.0 compliant in the near-login stage then it’s just dead weight and doing the community a disservice.

It’s probably a bug, this doesn’t mean it’s not ADC 1.0 compliant. The project it’s not dead. The main goal of the project is to provide a reference implementation not a hubsoft that people actually could use. The main purpose of the project is to try out the latest ADC extension and ideas.

SF links are wrong so u may want to investigate that… there is dot in front of link so ppl cannot download files… something like for example…

SF links are wrong so u may want to investigate that

What links do you mean ?

look at the address

is the correct address

I ment where did yapi see the bad links. :unamused: