ADCH++ Hide IPs from Users

Hey i have test ADCH++ littel but not nice the users can see all ips, maby some there like to make a script to hide ips from users, or somfing like that.

thanks hope some like to help :slight_smile:

i was actually the one to request that all ips will be shown since anonymity and direct connect dont go hand in hand since all a user has to do in order to get the ip is connect to another user and the ip is shown, so in all honesty it really doesnt matter if its not shown all it makes is spammers work more easy

Is it something that becomes possible, or something that can be LUA script for ADCH++?

Its already in there all you need to do is find it and edit it

I can not find it, so i write in here to get info about where i can edit it :slight_smile:

Unless you want to block connections you cant really do it, if you by “hide” mean users not beeing able to figure out other users IP.

it is not for block connect :slight_smile:

hide ip in the user list i mean :wink:

I cant find anything about it, some there can help me ?

Only show all ips to OPs / key users and not all users.

Let me clarify something you cant really hide an ip with direct connect just merely not list it until someone connects too you the hide ip thats in ynhub is not really a hiding mechanism so dont fall for false advertisement from old hubsofts.

try it yourself on a ynhub with ip “hidden” from users just connect to another user and you will get their ip and if your worried about privacy issues use a proxy to hide your ip.