ADCPortal Enhanced

ADCPortal has been close to ADC since 2007.
Here are the key events that we witnessed:

  • The born of ADC 1.0
  • Been there for the first implementation of Bloom filters, Ping extension, and more
  • We offered you the newest technology previews and ideas
  • We offer you all the information you need, no matter if you are a developer or a simple user.

The new enhancements that ADCPortal presents are:

  • From now on you can follow us on Twitter, if you are Twitter fan, just visit now.
  • Our builds let you test latest unreleased software for ADC, with no need of compiling or any additional software installed on your computer, just download and try it. You can check them out here. So if you are an enthusiast about what DC++ or ADCH++ or other interesting software will bring out in the next versions, just try the builds we made for you !
  • You can support ADCPortal and let everybody know the news you like ! You can let us know of the information you have and we will share it with the rest of the enthusiastic community we have here ! Just go here and give us your info !

We here at ADCPortal want to thank all the contributors, and wish you will keep in touch with us and with latest technologies. Don’t forget to visit our forum and wiki!