AML Autoupdater

[08-07-23][18:27:32 | CZ] what’s wrong with that?
[08-07-23][18:27:33 | SE] i thought about an autoupdating function for clientlists
[08-07-23][18:27:45 | SE] so if i make a new version of the list
[08-07-23][18:27:56 | SE] every client updates upon announcement
[08-07-23][18:28:16 | SE] when the list is deemd stable enough
[08-07-23][18:28:25 | CZ] I just of thougt about autoupdate of all strongdc++ but i don’t know how to do it
[08-07-23][18:28:48 | SE] apex has an autoupdater
[08-07-23][18:28:52 | SE] check the code for that one
[08-07-23][18:28:58 | SE] and implement it into sdc
[08-07-23][18:29:23 | CZ] ok, i’ll check it
[08-07-23][18:29:45 | SE] the reason for the autoupdating idea is that many ops run old clientlists
[08-07-23][18:29:52 | SE] that has faulty detection
[08-07-23][18:30:02 | SE] and they dont seem to care about updating it
[08-07-23][18:30:08 | CZ] yes, it’s true
[08-07-23][18:30:22 | SE] and innocent users gets kicked due to the operators incompetence
[08-07-23][18:30:56 | SE] so with your and adrian and crise help perhaps we can make a safe feature for making an autoupdater function for clientprofiles
[08-07-23][18:31:03 | SE] now food bbl
[08-07-23][18:37:43 | PL] <adrian_007> i was thinking about autoupdate but as a stand-alone app
[08-07-23][18:41:56 | SE] okey
[08-07-23][18:42:14 | SE] perhaps it can check the profileversion.xml file
[08-07-23][18:42:27 | SE] check against
[08-07-23][18:42:42 | PL] <adrian_007> it’s already checked in rsx++
[08-07-23][18:42:48 | SE] nice
[08-07-23][18:42:54 | PL] <adrian_007> but in beta versions it might not work correctly
[08-07-23][18:43:10 | PL] <adrian_007> and the default link is to rsxplusplus.sf
[08-07-23][18:43:40 | SE] well an autoupdating feature could be a good thing
[08-07-23][18:44:01 | SE] hate the fact that users gets kicked by old versions of aml
[08-07-23][18:44:42 | SE] thats why i want a autoupdate feature in op clients

[08-07-23][18:37:43 | PL] <adrian_007> i was thinking about autoupdate but as a stand-alone app

app autoupdater, not profiles :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i was thinking for profiles if the raw commands for the operators can be saved somehow so when getting new profiles the raw commands doenst reset and if new detections are entered the default actions is nothing

i have included this feature in new cdm - it already exist in sdc.

How could that happen since crise has full control over my space at sf and i have the same plus the list is done with directions from developers

Crise has had access to most of AML stuff for over a year now :slight_smile: