toast, any chance there is going to be any update to the aml anytime soon? we’re still at 4.0.23 and I’m sure you have done something since then?

I am a bit reluctant to add new reports since I don’t know what you have added/changed since then.


yeah ive haven’t had time for AML lately since ive had some tragedy in my family with the recent passing of my grandfather, but ill get around to it when i have a chance still it would be nice for someone else to step in a help out with the making of detections.

sorry to hear about your loss m8.
and no rush if u dont feel up to it.

I know it aint fun running a project on your own, and if I knew enough I wouldnt mind stepping in to help but I think sending reports is as far as my competence goes in these matters.
Making good and effective detection is way out of my league (I do hope that there are others more clever than me though that would be able to help out).

never underestimate oneself, have faith and you can jump higher

The problems for me atm with doing AML is that i havent got a client that works proper im using RSX++ atm but i keep getting this msg plus random crashes which doesnt help me get started

[08-09-22][20:51:10] *** Toast - Tag states active mode, but he’s using passive commands

and apexdc++ isnt more helpful atm since crise has alot of studies and no new beta is out so i cant work with the new CMD in that client.

Strong is missing to much features for me to even consider it plus i dont think bm would be interested in adding them.

So in the hope a client that “works” rlses soon so i can get stated again

ps. to the devs that are mentioned in this post this isnt meant as an offense more of a statement from me to the rest