Available ADC hublists

please write here known hublists for ADC Hubs:





Last one is an NMDC hublist not an ADC list

I consider any hublist that doesn’t include adc:// or adcs:// in the hub urls an NMDC hublist (regardless of what protocol the hubs actually use) simply because all clients will consider urls with unspecified protocol as nmdc addresses :wink: (at present anyways)

Bandicoot.nl hublist is nearly a year dead… try to check it


and bandicoot are both offline

P.S. Kryppy, hope you don’t mine me editing your post to add a new list :slight_smile:

EDIT: adchublist.com is online now :exclamation:

The .nyud.net is just the coral distributed network mirroring stuff.

Here you go, freshly made, up to date ADC hublists in various formats:

XML + BZ2 > https://te-home.net/?do=hublist&get=hublist-adc.xml.bz2
XML > https://te-home.net/?do=hublist&get=hublist-adc.xml
CONFIG + BZ2 > https://te-home.net/?do=hublist&get=hublist-adc.config.bz2
CONFIG > https://te-home.net/?do=hublist&get=hublist-adc.config
JSON + BZ2 > https://te-home.net/?do=hublist&get=hublist-adc.json.bz2
JSON > https://te-home.net/?do=hublist&get=hublist-adc.json

HTTP alternative is also available for clients without HTTPS support.