Base specification updates (1.0.2)

I did some editorial updates to the base specification. Most notably is probably that RFC number for IPv6 was updated to the latest version (see See all changes here;

I changed the version number to 1.0.2, but note that it is still only in SVN.

What more can be updated without breaking compatibility?

Commited which contain (adding Incomplete to schema)

Committed as well as the initial (albeit small) terminology

I have already noted that is commited.

Additionally, I will push ADC 1.0.2 as it is currently in the SVN (rev 93) on 31st of January (or shortly thereafter). If anyone objects to the changes of the specification, speak now or you will have to wait until the next round (1.0.3).

Note that there are additional things that may and will be included in base ADC, they will simply have to wait until after this date. I will not be pushing any other changes to the document (apart from making the version etc official).

ADC 1.0.2 is now live.