Bits and pieces

Thought i tell you all about a side project thats started up as an addition to adc development

so what is a code snippets?

Wikipedia defines snippets as a small region of re-usable source code, machine code or text. Ordinarily, these are formally-defined operative units to incorporate into larger programming modules. Snippets are often used to clarify the meaning of an otherwise “cluttered” function, or to minimize the use of repeated code that is common to other functions.

So what does this have to do with ADC well in order to help out people and help em get started programming software Pretorian and me started discussing a code repository that people can use and submit code to so far we are basing it out of Sourceforge SVN but it can move to an more open platform if there is real interest in it since its not open to more then us atm.

but if you wanna submit code to the repo then contact me or Pretorian in DCDev public or we could set up a submitting sub forum here (if wanted).

code thats in the repo goes under the new BSD License.

Hope this is help for the struggling developers out there that want to get a start.

I should note that we might be able to use ADCPortal’s SVN as well. The idea is to have library code only on the ADC project SVN and application-like stuff on ADCportal’s.

problem is open platform so everyone can submit and then we approve only but if you want the adcportal svn you got it

Not that much submitions too bad this project is really to improve development across the networks for newly started developers