Blastbeat's hubstresser

Here is the link I removed from blastbeat’s post about the hubsoftware performance:
Since this piece of software has a high risk of becoming a flooder if in wrong hands I removed it from the public area and added it here, on the developers subarea since only the developers need it.
Hope it won’t leak from here since I trust all the devs registered at ADCPortal.

:open_mouth: didnt thought about this, sorry. maybe its better to remove it from public

in dev forum its okey :slight_smile: nice tool to have for trying to stress a hub plus dev forum is cut off from public :slight_smile:

deleted it from my public webspace, will repost it here

Well no problem but I think it’s better to keep it private hehe :smiley:

here it is

keep this to yourself and dont post it on public places or spread it to friends this is a test tool only for developers not intended for users.