Chat channel identification

I have been thinking of chat channels and what is required to support them in ADC.

At the very core, I think it is possible to handle chat channels (or, “groups”) today without any trouble.

Simply; put all joining, parting, creation and deletion through user commands; have the hub create a user calles “chat group 1” etc; and let clients use the PM field in MSG.

Doing this would however not provide clients of any way of knowing (except through guesswork and/or chat channel naming) whether a client is a chat channel or not.

Therefore, I propose that CT128 should be used to signal that a client is a channel or an additional field ‘CC’ with the value ‘1’ (any other value is reserved).

Funny you should say this.

I have implemented a proof of concept of this in my hub.

Having said that, implementing it like this is very hacked up and rather inflexable. I was thinking of writing a proposal for an extenions which added quite a lot of useful functionality on top of BASE to have a more flexable way of doing multiple channels.