Commandline Client?


I’ve just found ADC and it looks much more stable and sound than DC, but I have one question.

Is there a command line only client availeble?

Like dolda connect or rtorrent to give two examples of commandline clients for P2P.

thanks in advance!

///Chris Danyael X

Think NanoDC is commandline

Thanks for the help!

///Chris Danyael X

np not sure if its adc 1.0 yet thou havent tested it or read up on it

I just wanted to update this thread in case someone else looks for it.

Nanodc doesn’t work, as it hasn’t been updated in a long while. It is supposed to be based on the same core as Linuxdcpp which does support ADC, but since it isn’t updated I don’t know.

More importantly, it has not been updated to the newer versions of GCC (4.3?) and thus hits a bunch of compile errors.

microdc2 also exists, doubt it supports ADC, and in my experience segfaults on any negotiation with the .707 DC++ clients.

New client, but it is in beta :wink:

Development on microdc2 has been discontinued and I can confirm that it is NMDC only and segfaults a TON.

A few people were talking about using the DC++ core and developing a cross-platform CLI client with ncurses, but as far as I know, that project hasn’t got off the ground yet. As of now, there is no fully developed client to suit your needs. I’ve heard good things about the beta of ncdc though, so keep your eye on that.