Compatibility issues between DC++ and AirDC++

Can I just import my DC++ Queue.xml file into AirDC++ somehow? Maybe by just dropping it wherever AirDC++ expects it- if it uses the same system at all. I’m not overly optimistic about this but perhaps one of you gurua no a lefthanded path somewhere. :slight_smile: Windows is getting a little opague lately about where it puts various apps now. I’m aware that you’ll probably tell me that if my queue file is so big I’m doing something wrong but I have my reasons. :wink:


This is just a personal opinion but really any compatibility issues when importing settings from DC++ to AirDC++ are the responsibility of AirDC++, since AirDC is the derivative work here (that is assuming the developers want to preserve compatibility).

You will probably get a faster, and arguably better, response through the official AirDC website. Last time I used AirDC the queue files were reasonably compatible but that was a while ago.

I thought that AirDC++ would migrate the settings automatically, but that function had been disabled for some reason :unamused:

Assuming that you have a 64 bit operating system and you haven’t started AirDC++ earlier on the machine, please try this installer:

If you have run AirDC++ earlier on the machine, you can just move the Queue.xml file from DC++ right into the settings directory (C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\AirDC++) and the client should import it automatically on startup.