darned captcha sibling ! <_<

Hy everyone, i just registered at these forum in hope of catching up with the latest news in direct connect, but i must say, that the captcha (the question regarding adc clients) you have set up here is so NOT noob friendly :confused: …not even wikipedia proved helpful, i had to go by pure luck :unamused: .

Anyway, enough with my complaining, i’ll just lurk around and bite you with any question that buzzez in my head :smiley: !

Hehe i think the captcha is perfect gonna throw in some protocol questions later on like what following protocol is not ADC or <$blah>

generally i want ppl to be interested in the changes coming on dc and not just for the reg itself since information is power in anycase our wiki is pretty helpful on information about whats adc or not :slight_smile:

in anycase welcome to the forum

btw u should have seen the old captcha that one was horrible :slight_smile:

You’re like some of the teachers i used to have some many years before…the ones i hated for giving us humongous homeworks :angry: .

Strangely enough i ended up specializing in what they were teaching, i must be a masochist :open_mouth:

p.s. the teacher thing reminded me of smth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_bvT-DGcWw :smiley:

i saw your question at apex forums and amongst devs adc is standards amongst users nmdc still rules but since there few nmdc devs left adc will become standard and the diffrences are huge between nmdc and adc basicly nmdc isnt extend friendly as adc is and it doesnt support UTF-8 out of the box and it doesnt support NATTRAV something adc does

btw NATTRAV is basicly passive to passive connections basicly ADC is more powerful then NMDC is.