DC++ Compile howto

Well I thought since DC++'s stock compile.txt is just so awesome…i thought i would go ahead and create an exact how to on compiling DC++ 0.762 so anybody who can help improve it please do … Enjoy.

Very good initiative !! Perhaps we can post a link to your tutorial from the DC++ main page or from launchpad :wink:

it’s fine with me, it’s kind of the reason that i did it, so you have my thumbs up =)

Some C# code that should download and install everything needed for DC++… http://pastebin.org/356938

would be better if you instead tried to directly improve the current compile.txt file, by making it an asciidoc file for ex which were one of arne’s wishes a few months back. then that HTML version can make it directly to the HTML help docs, on http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/webhelp/compile.html (as you can see, for now it’s just an include of the current .txt without any formatting).