DC Development/support hubs

Now that the forum is back again, let me add some spam. :smiley:
Just wanted to get a good overview of what hubs are available if you need some help or want to talk directly with some developers:

General DC Dev hub: adcs://hub.dcbase.org:16591/
Pretty much the place to be for most things.

Project-specific hubs:
FlexHub: dchub://support.flexhub.org:8000/
ncdc: adc://dc.blicky.net:2780/
uhub: adc://adc.uhub.org:1511/

Please reply if you know more.

Hmm, either this board disallows editing your own post after a certain time or Iā€™m too stupid to find the edit button. Either way, some additions suggested by Pretorian:

CzDC++(?): dchub://PePeK.CzDC.org:4861/
DCHublist.comā€™s support hub: dchub://support.dchublist.com
Ptokax LUABoard: dchub://ptokax.ch:411/
Ptokax hub admin support: dchub://ptokax-lua.damnserver.com:2006/
Verlihub hub admin support: dchub://hub.verlihub-project.org:7777/ (requires registration)