DSHub Iota RC1

After a long time, another DSHub version is out. This time, I’ve worked around more features for you. Fixed some bugs on the Theta version, and added preliminary support for Python scripting ( need some help on it ! ) and also translating into the most known languages ( need help on it as well ! )
I hope you like this new version and I await your feedback :slight_smile:


  • distro now includes rss reader plugin and lookup;
  • modified config to store the language setting;
  • added a box for language selecting via gui;
  • updated MINA to 1.1.7;
  • fixed warning on log4j;
  • rescan scripts button works now;
  • fixed reversed buttons in advanced page;
  • updated MOTD and version;
  • fixed when granting to non existent user;
  • fixed message when unknown switch was given to plugmin;
  • fixed bug when unable to grant plugmin ;
  • work on synchronization and cid securisation;
  • fixed bug when max users included the connecting users;
  • italian v0.2 thanks Kryppy
  • fixed history_lines modification not working via command;
  • fixed plugmin missing from reginfo;
  • fixed flyable and nickprotected not shown right in reginfo;
  • fixed the about cmd and a little on gui about;
  • fixed bug when port help was not showing in console;
  • fixed bug on ping extension with UC instead of UP;
  • fixed bug on restarting with plugins big trouble was happening;
  • added primary python environment using jython;
  • modified bad text on bad hub_host;
  • the main language file is called Translation.properties, and it contains
    key = value
    where only value needs to be translated.
    For each translation create a file named Translation_xx_XX. properties
    where xx is language code and XX country code.
    example :
    Translation_ro_RO.properties for ro, Translation_en_US.properties for english but in united states.
    These files are included in the jar file, I will add them personally when translators will provide them to me.
  • starting work on translations;

Homepage: http://www.death-squad.ro/dshub
Download link : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=197166&package_id=276338&release_id=599634