DSHub Iota RC2

This is a kind of milestone release, with A LOT of improvements in stability. I tested it on 800 users and it works quite fine ( except a little too high cpu usage perhaps, but I;m trying to reduce the resource consumption as well … )
Most important reported bugs are gone.
NOTE: there is a small known bug on linux/solaris about restarting ( it doesn’t release the ports). This is MINA’s fault, but the guys didn’t answer my post on their forum. So perhaps next MINA version will be better…
On top of all, it should handle large amounts of users ( someone please test and tell me :stuck_out_tongue: )

Changelog :

  • fixed Bm’s D4 field rejection;
  • moved nick_chars to regexp;
  • fixed ru language file;
  • fixed more bugs;
  • fixed #250237
  • added a new configuration variable command_pm which can set if bot chat is sent to PM;
  • updated to system specific look and feel ( thanks quicksilver );
  • using java 1.6 ConcurrentHashMaps now;
  • fixed main bugs in dshub, like the “cid bug” and the ghost problem, message ordering;
  • updated MINA to 2.0.0M2 and it should work better now;
  • added timestamps to history and cmdhistory messages;
  • cleaned the build process, it should work via ant now;
  • changed to hashmaps for keeping users ( thanks cyb)
  • added ru_RU translation ( thanks lv77)
  • fixed #231304;

Download Link

Nice :smiley:

About that . . . if it takes a while to release the ports (about a minute) that’s maybe not MINA, but actually TIME_WAIT. which is deliberate kernel behaviour :slight_smile:
I thought this was a bug in wine, and i was educated :slight_smile:

It takes a while to release the ports if the listening program hangs. On previous MINA version this was not a problem. Calling unbind() function from MINA released the port with no problem. On this version however, only on windows the unbinding works ok. ( On Solaris, the port is not released at all, not until reboot…)