Fail + Fail = Win ?

Hey peeps wanted to write something about a nifty propsal that drakklor proposed that give a hub an option to have a backup hub incase the regular hub doesnt respond. The idea stems from a user point of view that if a hub goes down the user wont be faced with a connection timeout message rather get into a backup hub until the primary hub is online again.

Now the concers are that if the backup hub should not be bookmarked rather the primary hub should always be in focus so how to solve that is the next task and what to use to check if the primary hub is available do we use an extension or a simple ICMP packet to check if the hub is alive again.

Now i invite users and developers to discuss this proposal in depth to come to a joined solution so we all get what we want out of it since this is really good in terms of how hosting can be in the future of direct connect

here is the link to the currect propsal

Failover Propsal