Finding common ground for Hubside scripting

Yesterday I had a really good conversation with Pirre about Hubside scripting (LUA) and he mentioned something that struck and dumbfounded me, why hasn’t anyone proposed an universal API that any hubsoft can implement in which the LUA scripters themselves would maintain, this way everybody gets some part that they want.

So what would be the benefit of doing that ?

  1. Migration, Well first off, scripts could be transported between any hubsoft despite platform.
  2. Simplicity, only having to know and understand one API for the sake of creating scripts.
  3. Extendable, to use additional resources in the lua repository such as Alien, Filesystem etc. (see link.)

So I stand by Pirres proposal on creating such a project so Hubside scripting, hell even Clientside scripting has an official place similar to the ADC Project where LUA Scripters maintain and renew the API with new ideas.

I think this is a great idea! Just having one common interface for lua api that hubs can implement.

Good idea indeed.

When it comes to chosing an API i suggest a solid existing API like the Ptokax 2.0 will be chosen, at least no brandnew API! That way there will already be support for a large amount of existing scripts. Also most lua-scripters will already have experience with it so they won’t have to learn a new API. If a brand-new API will be created for this i predict it will follow the same road as ADC: advanced and highly extendable but noone uses it…

Still using libs for script should be possible to extend scripts thats always a huge + for anything

well its dangerous talking to Toast lol :slight_smile:

FlipFlop, you are partly right but not completely, the adc protocol and like how for example the adch api works is stronger then any i ever seen before, and as i am not a real scripter and started my lua knowledge with modding pxscripts i can asure you that it is possible to make a more powerfull API then the px one, and yes it will need some “learning” on scripters side but has not to be that diff so scripts could be ported by a amature like me.

If well documented and has a place to gather info/doc this could work if offcourse hubdevs would be intrested, but why not you have your base as a dev and your hubowners could use all the goodies made.

We have the ADC specs in common to get clients into our hubs , why not a lua API spec that let all ADC hubs have the same bennefits.

The Ptokax API2 does look like a good starting point, but I think some improvements can be made e.g. trivial things like Core.GetPtokaXPath - you’d probably want to call that Core.GetHubPath or something. Also there looks to be a number of NMDC-focussed command names.

Basically what im hoping for is that the lua scripters start a project that focus on gathering and publishing all the scripts they have from one spot not as a forum rather a website so we can make an updater in client that can contact the site and get the info additionally a wiki that documents the API for both client and hub :slight_smile:

Using hosted apps right here on sourceforge is a cheap way to go using mediawiki for documentation, phpbb for discussions and the 100mb webshell for scripts