[Future ADC-EXT 1.0.9] HH field in the PING extention

@ this moment there seems some confusion of what the exact format of the HH field should be, if you look @ the specifications it states:

HH - string - Hub Host address ( DNS or IP )

What means a simple URL or IP no port given

If you look @ the example given alto it indicates also the port suffix to be included.


So what is the real spec ?

The last seems logic besides 1 point , if this HH is going to be used to inform a hublist about a address change , why not send the complete qualifyed ADC address like:


(and maybe this field could then maybe 1 day be used to autoupdate the clients favorites :smiley: )

That way it could be realy used to change a adc hubs address to any ADC(s) compatible address.

I would say “HH - string - Hub host in URL address form (adc://server:port)”.

In terms of “real spec”, I’d go with what the current implementations do.

eMTee mentioned this for me and I think this should be clarified in the spec. It is worth bringing up the discussion again.

I am proposing that few minor changes to the spec:

  1. Change the type to “url”
  2. Change the description to “Hub Host address (ADC/ADCS URL address form)”
  3. Change the example to say “HHadc://example.org:555”

These changes require that hubs and pingers actually support this format, but I’m not sure which does and which doesn’t.

I have pushed this so this will be part of ADC-EXT 1.0.9.