Gentoo Linux Ebuilds

hi there i’m curious to know if anyone here is thinking of doing any ebuilds for any of the adc hub softs ? or has ebuilds that could be submitted to bugzilla?

DSHub is planning on it we got a guy working on it hopefully we will be out with ebuilds in the future

Going after the quote “the best thing is the one you do it yourself” i think i will have to do them myself. That of course unless lys volunteers :smiley:

i’m by no means promising anything, but i am looking into it, first problem i have is that dshub doesn’t follow standard unix naming conventions ie :

ls /usr/portage/net-p2p/dbhub/ | grep dbhub
ls /usr/portage/net-p2p/opendchub/ | grep open

furthermore is there a complete list of all dependencies required to run all options the hubsoft is able to do ie all bells and whistles ?

2. install apache ANT from and make sure its in your path ( installing ant requires some more things, read their readme ) (with emerge its supposed to take care of all dependencies)

which bits of ant please ? for example in portage there’s these bits

ant/                 ant-contrib/         ant-junit/
ant-antlr/           ant-core/            ant-junit4/
ant-apache-bcel/     ant-eclipse-ecj/     antlr/
ant-apache-bsf/      antenna/             ant-nodeps/
ant-apache-log4j/    ant-ivy/             ant-owanttask/
ant-apache-oro/      ant-jai/             ant-swing/
ant-apache-regexp/   ant-javamail/        ant-tasks/
ant-apache-resolver/ ant-jdepend/         ant-trax/
ant-commons-logging/ ant-jmf/             
ant-commons-net/     ant-jsch/

DSHub includes all the dependencies in the distribution. The sole dependency is sun java jre 6.
Naming shouldn’t be such a big problem though…
ANT is required only for compilation.

ok thanks pietry, guess i got some work to do then as ive told u before i tend to shy away from java aps, it might take some time to get the ebuild right, but i’ll try, to run vuze i had to do this

File: .fluxbox/startup
/usr/bin/screen -dmS exec /usr/local/bin/startazureus &

which refers to :

#! /bin/sh
/usr/bin/java -jar /home/loz/.azureus/Azureus2.jar --ui=console &>/dev/nul

i know there’s far better ways of dealing with this but its a cheap easy hack that works so for now i’m happy variables can easily be added to make it more portable