Help out in adding info to the Wiki

Well since the wiki started ive added accounts for several devs i would appreciate if the devs took some time and at least added basic info on their project as Pietry and me have done for our separate projects so we can start adding more information as time passes

A Basic information page on AML this is how simple it could be, that page took me 5 min to write so its not that hard to add a wikipage on your project cause their is a lot of info missing on the wiki.

if you really need some serious content, you can add some (e.g about rsx++, a can edit it later on)… some devs doesn’t have time, because they’re busy with school or job…

i have 3 jobs … a simple info page takes 5 min to make

RSX++ Wikipage

well i gave u a head start if u want more info in there add it :wink:

you have 3 jobs but in fact you have also time to spam… :stuck_out_tongue:
about that page… well, nothing more than my wiki. only copy-paste… also nothing usefull for user, only for plugin’s devs.

if this is going to be a big dc world wiki’s backup it’s ok, but if this is going to be sth more, do it better :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that all depends upon you (the devs) since no place creates itself i can predict the future of rsx++ so i guess you (the dev) have to help me out thats why the wiki was created in the first place so devs could help themselves and others… in case u missed the whole point of community

Might be good to remind DEVELOPERS too add information about what their software supports and dont on the software list so that Pretorian or other wiki editors can add it so the information is correct it only takes a second to leave a message here on missing stuff so please dont be lazy.