How is the wiki feeling like?

Do you find ADCPortal wiki useful?

  • Yes, in some way
  • Yes, it’s quite useful
  • Yes, it’s helped a lot
  • No, it has a bad layout
  • No, information is not properly structured
  • No, another reason ( specify as comment)
  • No, information is missing
  • I don’t know

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Since the ADCPortal wiki was created, I didn’t see too much comment over it. I was wondering if the wiki looks at it was supposed to, and if it pleases the normal requests of the users and developers. Since for some newbie guys adc might look a little alien, I want to know your opinion if the wiki suits you and if you find useful information on it. So please fill in this poll.

Well ive updated the wiki as much as i can gotten responses on DCDev about it and they where good too bad we haven’t gotten any comments here

there are lots of good info on the wiki i think.
but some of it is not so easy to find

try for example this - go to the main page, read it and as adviced - go to the contents page

it looks like the wiki is almost empty, but we all know that isnt true

Cant really split it into more categories that would just make it look stupid

some update news: the wiki support images now and references in article tnx to Crise effort :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be to collapse the first two index levels into one page …

So instead of

API <–linked to a new page

You’d have

… Decentralized StrongDC Network <–linked to a new page
… Luadch API <–linked to a new page
… RSX++ Plugin API <–linked to a new page

By my count it would make the Contents page only have about 40-50 lines of additonal text and they would still be grouped into the same categories.

It accomplishes two things, right from the contents page you get a clear sense of how much is already covered in the Wiki and it removes a click from the navigation path to get to the real information.

Well i made some changes hope they suit everyone better

it never suits everyone, but I am very happy with how it looks :mrgreen: