µHub 0.2.6 released

This release fixes the serious “send queue” bug which caused the hub to disconnect users at random, falsely blaming them for exceeding the send queue limit. In addition to various minor fixes and optimizations.


  • Bug #1: Disconnecting users due to excessive “send queue”.
  • Bug #5: Always provide IP-address for all users, not just for active clients.
  • Better “!uptime” command formatting.
  • Better “!stats”; can display peak and current bandwidth usage.
  • Added “+myip” command.
  • Ensure super users and hub owners also have the operator flag set.
  • Better send queue priorities.
  • Dump configuration does not quote integer and boolean settings.
  • Sources hosted by GitHub.com, and bug tracker on bugs.extatic.org
  • Minor optimizations.



excellent work :slight_smile: