I made a ADCH++ package for Archlinux

So I’ve had an account here and been interested in ADC almost 3 years, never successfully did anything. But I really wanted to get to running one of these hubs, so I made a PKGBUILD in archlinux to deploy it. Anyone familar with the AUR system can run “aurget -S adchpp” to get it.

Right now you can install a base archlinux system, get the package from the aur, run /etc/rc.d/adchppd start and you will have a running hub. I want to automate/script more the of the configuration, but I have no idea what I’m doing as of yet.

Also, this was a bitch as the whole thing is built mostly for Windows style systems. Even the line endings were DOS. And I haven’t dug into the scons script yet.

Edit: Link http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=48829

Rather belated reply, but I thought a thanks was in place anyway. I needed an ADC hub to experiment with, and your package worked out-of-the box.

Not sure what you’d want to automate more that this, though. Doing anything more than just installation and making sure things integrate well with the rest of an Arch system is not very Arch-like.

Some features however don’t work. Would it be possible to create an remote access app like dixbot and dixmanager that’s custom made for ADCH++? ???