In a state of wait for ADCH++ 2.5

So i thought i do a prepost about the upcoming release of ADCH++ thats expected any day now. So whats new and whats expected out of this version well we have listened alot to the users out there and what they have been screaming for is simplicity well im glad to announce that this version will be a whole lot simpler then the previous version, and what if the scripters thats out there well they have been screaming about a easier api well thats also taken care of or being taken care of by poy with ADCH++ Ptokax Bridge that makes it possible to run ptokax scripts in ADCH++ (although i can imagine that the ptokax scripters arent too happy about that).

And we are awaiting a documentation over the current lua api system that ADCH++ uses Thor is writing up the documentation for us (really a big help since most of the persons involved in development dont have that much time document every feature) and python module is updated to 2.6 now for any python scripter that feels the urge to do some scripting.

This version of ADCH++ also forwards ip of passive users just like uhub does since spammers like to use passive connections to when they are spamming for their crap hubs to get users.

we also have a online user guide now at ADCH++ website that we hope will be of big help to users wanting to run ADCH++ and with that i leave u with a screenshot of how ptokax scripts look in ADCH++ and a list of the scripts i tired when testing the ADCH++ Ptokax Bridge meanwhile you can always grab a build archive version of ADCH++ for testing.