In need of a good title, apply now!

Been a while, since I wrote anything worth of note in here and usually when I do it is something no one really cares about (except Toast who kindly reminds me about things every so often).

Anyways, the underlying phpBB version has been updated (Can you tell? Nope, that’s good), so enjoy. Also look forward to seeing some more of me here in the near future, assuming things go well. As usual there have been some backend changes to the actual site as well, but much thanks to our loving host all of them are things you don’t really get to notice.

About the captcha issues some have been having, try disabling javascript because the captcha works (yes it really does) but if you have any weird problems with it the scriptless version should avoid any.

I would like to apply for the title Hierophant as this is my usual job description in projects…