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[09-03-25][12:21:19] im wondering of we should publish the chatcontrol as an extension
[09-03-25][12:21:27] 1 = guest (everybody), 2=registered (password protected), 3=operator (can kick), 4=super user (can promote operators), 5=admin (hub owner, can do everything)
[09-03-25][12:21:52] what do u think about that ?
[09-03-25][12:22:22] don’t know, need to see more detailed use-cases
[09-03-25][12:22:39] u remember what it was right
[09-03-25][12:22:55] [09-03-25][12:22:45] <-DCDev-> [command:] !chatcontrol

  • [09-03-25][12:22:45] <-DCDev->
    The chatcontrol command:
    Usage: chatcontrol list
    – brings up a list of chat controls and their unique ID

Usage: chatcontrol add “regular expression” flags [modification]
– adds the regular expression with corresponding flags. The expression must be enclosed in quotes.
The flags are :
Drop user 1
Kick user 2
Don’t do anything to client 4
Hide the matching word from chat 8
Replace matching word with stars ( **** ) 16
Modify matching word with given modification 32
Control private chat as well 64
Report to operator’s chat 128
Also check searches 256
As you can see, you must not select all flags, but one of each category.
Example: Drop user and replace word with stars : Use flag 1+16=17
Note: flag 64, 128 and 256 are independent of others.
Note: The modification parameter is only available for flag including 32.

Usage: chatcontrol mod ID/“regular expression” flags [modification].
– mods the regular expression already listed given by string or it’s unique ID. Parameters are same like on adding.

Usage: chatcontrol del ID/“regular expression”
– deletes the regular expression given by itself or by it’s unique ID.

Usage: chatcontrol save “filename”
– saves the current wordlist into file specified by path. For security reasons, you can write to DSHub installation dir only.

Usage: chatcontrol load “filename”
– load the wordlist configuration from the file specified by path. For security reasons, you can read from DSHub installation dir only.
[09-03-25][12:23:01] yes, but ionly have a partialimage
[09-03-25][12:23:20] this system is probly one of the best ive ever tried
[09-03-25][12:23:33] and it could be implmented into any hubsoft
[09-03-25][12:25:08] hm, yes
[09-03-25][12:25:16] i’d do that as a plugin
[09-03-25][12:25:37] but it could be converted into a hubsoft extension
[09-03-25][12:25:41] right ?
[09-03-25][12:28:22] kind of, but… what do you wish to accomplish? basically having a UI in your client for configuring filters?
[09-03-25][12:30:58] the idea is a antispam system blue print that hubsoft developer can implement
[09-03-25][12:31:03] into thier hubsofts
[09-03-25][12:31:37] right, so basically a “specification” ?
[09-03-25][12:32:25] yeah basicly it would be
[09-03-25][12:33:07] then it doesn’t need to be a extension, in case it doesn’t change the ADC protocol
[09-03-25][12:33:41] then how to get a good spread on it
[09-03-25][12:34:52] change the protocol
[09-03-25][12:34:54] should we start up a specification pool at adcportal perhaps
[09-03-25][12:35:13] yeah, that could be useful
[09-03-25][12:35:32] that developers can submit ideas that arent exactly changes in the protocol but usefull non the less
[09-03-25][12:35:47] call it whitepapers perhaps ?
[09-03-25][12:35:51] or something
[09-03-25][12:36:17] RFC?
[09-03-25][12:36:50] So many devs thinks rfc need to be the real deal
[09-03-25][12:37:05] hehe
[09-03-25][12:37:09] me and pietry had a conversation about that
[09-03-25][12:37:17] well, we could of course submit ADC as an RFC
[09-03-25][12:37:19] we have been brainstorming about this before
[09-03-25][12:37:22] after some cleanups
[09-03-25][12:37:43] i do want developers to use adcportal more
[09-03-25][12:37:47] for brainstorming
[09-03-25][12:37:56] instead of going cowboy solo on everything
[09-03-25][12:38:20] (i like cowboy)

『Toast』 says:
i had an idea
if u care to hear me out about it
its for adcportal
Crise says:
sure… shoot
『Toast』 says:
i was thinking of starting a “specifaction pool”
thinks that arent extension worthy
but still really good system
take chatcontrol
in dshub
that system is really great
but it isnt really extension material
since it doesnt alter the protocol
what do u think about this idea
horrible or good ?
but the name specification pool doesnt sound good
but the idea is sound imho
ill be quiet now and let u read
Crise says:
well those are just good features, I don’t think specification pool would be a good name for what you are suggesting but it could be interesting… though won’t the proof acid tests cover this part. By listing outstanding features and such
『Toast』 says:
i was more thinking of making more then just a text
it should me made so that the system can be included in any system
like a spec
take the dshub chatcontrol system
i want to take that one
write a spec for it
so it can be converted into any hubsoft if the user wishes it
so its not just java
Crise says:
well a dev can see what feature dshub has… and a good dev can come up with a concept of implementing it in on his own software just by looking at dshub chat control in action f.ex.
『Toast』 says:
yeah but with documentation that can provide easy implementation would help right ?
so it doesn’t become that persons version of it
a guideline for how to make it sort of
plus with documentation on it any dev can provide additional ideas to it
and rework it
i know it sounds kinda crazy
but i personally think that this would work
Crise says:
yes, but I don’t know how the devs would answer to that… eg. most would want to make it a bit different and extend it for it to be competitive over dshub
『Toast』 says:
and inexperienced developer might just get a kick out seeing more ideas on it
Crise says:
『Toast』 says:
im not just talking about dshub features
the idea is for devs to submit ideas and guidelines so called specs
Crise says:
I know, but dshub is a good example here
『Toast』 says:
so that others might benefit from it
this way creating a brainstorm pool
a whole new way of making stuff happen
since most devs on dc like their solo cowboy system
still if more open systems where created and it turns out good
that would really make a difference in the community
so back to my question
does this idea sound good ?

i think this idea could work the question is licensing if the specs are licenses are under GNU FDL then any information should be passable into other license forms right ?

I could try writing something about how i thought chatcontrol and how it works, just tell me where: forum topic, wiki, something :smiley:

begin with a simple document the idea is to make it workable for any language and any platform