Just a little recommendation

Just a little recommendation for anyone stuck with alot of spare parts that wants more space to save stuff on i bet everyone has some spare parts of an old computer just laying around collecting dust well this is a good way to put it to use again and get more space over network :slight_smile:


you should try throwing that old parst, lots of fun, especially witch motherboards :stuck_out_tongue:

DCDev ran on my old parts 1.6GZh with 200gb HDD and 1.5GB Ram so im not quite ready to throw that away just yet since its still pretty functionable :smiley:

bah, celeron 533mhz (afaik) was nice weapon against my sister :smiley:

You have a sister and you did not present her yet :question:
Very selfish of you :stuck_out_tongue:

no way, you nerds :smiley:

you shouldnt throw usable computer parts at your sister, it might hurt them and become unusable.

and besides, you sister should be safe with us, we know how to behave :mrgreen:

it could be that if i hit her with usable cpu she might get smarter xD for sure she needs some serious overclocking :smiley:

LOL… Did it work? if yes trow a xenon at me :slight_smile:

You can always hit us with a picture :slight_smile:) and don;t forget to reg her on adcportal :stuck_out_tongue:

if it would work, i’m sure i’d buy i7 for her… ;D
pics? no way :smiley: