Looking for Active Moderators

Hi all we are currently looking for 1 active moderator to post about releases etc at ADCPortal if you think you got what it takes let us know

but you’re probably the best for this job as you’re a member of most direct connect projects :neutral_face:

hehe there are more ppl that do that too so im hoping one of them will step up and help out :slight_smile:

Seriously is there noone that can do some moderation ? lol

so you all want me to do the job alone ?

ffs Toast you know us already

we’re all a bunch of lazy asses that wants to have a good lookin chick in the lap and a beer in the hand and someone else to do all the work :smiley:


(i could have volountered but my scrink tells me i shouldnt :unamused: )

lol well i had you and another in mind when i made this topic but i want u to be sure u want it and not do it just because