Lord Zeros Comment to client devs

Well i dont quite now what to say 4 major hublists are down im pretty speechless about the stagnation of direct connect. i know some security measures had been taken like blocking port 80 etc but that doesnt help when users still go with older versions

i got this late last night on msn Catalin was mostly of last night and with those high connection rating its not a wonder…

So here is my question for future version of client software and hub software can you all start to co op more so this doesnt happen again (AND PLEASE dont just say whatever cause this could easily happen to your site or project aswell).

more measures of security should be taken in order for Direct Connect or Advanced Direct Connect to survive, at this time the damage is done but perhaps a security thinking for all devs could change this towards the future all depends on you guys.

The sad part is that we know that Team Elite is behind this attack they want all client devs to use thier “shitty” hublist instead that has only nmdc support.


not going to make an open link of it. cause i dont want redirects from this place to their fucked up site sticking in their logs.

Lord Zero is flooding all major hublists , and now he claims government is logging the attacks? How pathetic is that ? Hublist owners had no solution but to move the dns addresses to some respectful site so that the attack is logged by proper authorities and now lord zero takes this out, how big liar and ass you need to be to do that?

that and similar messages has been spammed all over dc for a long time, diff ip, diff nick, its just a spam bot that easily ignored (and filtered :smiley: )

At least hub owners and operators are smart enough not to trust anything coming from TE.

All this trouble over 1 banned hub, (iss takel) hardly seems worth it. No idea why the other lists came under attack though, prehaps they spoke out of turn or breathed in the wrong direction. Theres lots I could say over all this bullshit but why bother stoking the flames, its not even worth thinking about. Move on, thats my motto of the day :wink: