Luadch 1000 milestone

Because of the nice people flooding adcportal, I wasn’t able to congratulate blastbeat for the 1000 downloads milestone, so here it goes:
Congratulations for reaching 1000 downloads and keep it coming
Luadch has been a really good appearance on the scene in 2008.

Blastbeat should have creds for his hubsoft wicked as it is keep up the works and let us see a 1000 more :smiley:

yeah congrats on 1k download - it’s one of the best adc hubsoftware atm :wink:

thank you and happy new year to all :smiley:
keep up the good work!
btw nice to see adcportal is back :sunglasses:

Most wanted article on adcportal wiki: Luadch :stuck_out_tongue:

mh ok i will try to write one :wink:


Thank u :slight_smile: made a minor edit linked the word ADCS to the ADCS page :slight_smile: feel free to update or change at anytime :slight_smile:

belated congratulations on the 1000+ downloads :slight_smile: no offense intended to anyone, else but luadch is my personal fav too :slight_smile: