NetChatLink Alpha 3

NetChatLink Alpha 3:

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A small application that links chats across multiple DC hubs and IRC channels. Based heavily on MyIrcDcLinks by Burek. Includes support for the ADC protocol, chat filtering, anti-flood control, op commands, and more. Runs on all flavors of Windows and works in WINE.


NetChatLink Alpha 3
Added: All Chan/NickServ messages are sent to debug messages
Added: More specific error messages
Added: Flexible channel list parser
Fix: When post rate was 0 no messages would send.
Fix: NickServ IDENTIFY parameters corrected.
Fix: Joining multiple IRC channels with channel key(s) present
Fix: Stripping channel keys out of channel text

NetChatLink Alpha 2
Added: Per-connection option to control minimum time between chat messages (anti-flood).
Added: Multiline messages can now be sent one chat message per line.
Added: Status icon for disabled connection (will still change if manually connected to)
Fix: ADC OP SIDs are loaded on connect
Fix: Displaying the oplist of an ADC hub now outputs the nicks, not the SIDs
Fix: ADC Multiline messages now sent properly when sending in one line chunks

NetChatLink Alpha 1
Added: Hubs and IRC channels are now identified by name.
Added: IRC channel keys are now supported
Added: Debug log
Added: ADC compatibility
Added: GUI improvements (Adding a new connection selects it, deleting a connection selects the next item)
Added: More status icons (off or error/connecting/connected and logged in)
Added: About tab
Fix: Empty NMDC '$Support' command not supported by some hubsofts, changed to '$Support NoHello NoGetInfo'
Fix: Sending a chat message while a connection wasn't fully logged in would cause problems. Chats are now locked until they're ready to recieve messages.
Fix: Escaped <-> Unescaped conversions (ADC <-> NMDC)
Change: GUI size is now limited.
Change: Prefix is now completely up to the user (WYSIWYG, no extra characters)
Change: Cleaner message display format (Used to be '<Bot> {Prefix}Nick: Msg', is now '<Bot> <PrefixNick> Msg')
Change: Message is not broadcasted by default anymore in code (procedure must be called).
Change: Disabled GUI items when they have no effect (for clarity)

NetChatLink PreAlpha - Initial codebase

Known Issues:

Can't log into a registered account with ADC due to problems with hashing.
Responds to bots (fixed as of unreleased Alpha 4)

Planned Alpha 4/5 features:

Option to allow for a custom OPlist
Option of whether OPs in a connection can control the bot (custom OPList overrides it)
GUI component for ignoring users
Option for custom IRC login script (every server is different)
Mainchat feed with filtering by connection
Option to not send the first x line of chat (MOTD, login spam)

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