Netfraction - Initial Release

I thought I’d post the code for my hub (and client) today, so here it is:

The hub supports the majority of ADC1.0 and uses Tiger as the session hash. It is written in C# and licenced under GPLv2.

It currently runs as a command line app, though I intend to change this to a service/daemon at a later stage. Compilation under Mono/Linux is untested, though the portability analyser says it should compile.

A rundown of the current features:

  • Most common ADC1.0 messages, except RES and SCH.
  • Tiger
  • Role- and Identity-based permissions manager (though permissions are not enforced yet)
  • A hub security bot that doesn’t do anything

So, very much a work in progress, but hopefully somebody finds it interesting.
I welcome any bug reports, design suggestions or feature suggestions too :slight_smile:

No packages available atm :frowning:

Yeah, you can use a Subversion client to grab the source tree and build it with Visual Studio 2008 though :stuck_out_tongue: I’m writting a bot command parser today, so after I get doing that something useful I’ll put a compiled build on there.

hehe might be a good idea to include a package so that ppl (ordinary users) don’t have to compile

Looks interesting at a first glance. Keep it going and soon we want something out for the people :stuck_out_tongue:
I will try compiling and see how it looks like. Some screens wouldn’t hurt ( maybe I missed them ? )

Then this doesnt belong in the release list it belongs in the hubsoft forum since there are no packages for download

Just added a compiled release to the codeplex page. I tested installation on a clean Win XP SP3 virtual machine. You MUST edit the ListeningIP in the Hubs.xml file (in Application Data). I connected to it using ApexDC++ 1.20b from another virtual machine, my host machine, and another machine on the physical network, so hopefully it works.

@Pietry: no point making screenshots of the hub, it just runs in a command line app. It outputs a bit of debug text every now and then, but nothing too exciting.

I’ll be updating the source much more than the compiled releases… in the coming days the main things I plan on adding are more hub commands. You should be able to use !listmypermissions, but that is the only command implemented at this time.

Releases are so much effort, but I’ve updated the source anyway… it compiles and runs on Mono, and has been tested on OpenSUSE 11.0. A few user commands exist, such as !uptime, !kick, !listpermissions. There’s also a lot more error-checking code and appropriate STA messages being sent. Still too lazy to properly implement SCH and RES though forwarding though. Password protected login works, and many security permissions are enforced. Changes to roles and identities are still not persisted to file yet though, so turning the hub off is a bad idea.

It’s good to see that you’re making progress. Keep up the good work. Don’t hesitate to ask around adcportal if you have any problems regarding adc. We’ll be glad to answer.

Some updates to the code (not the release file)

  • half the message handling code was missing from source control… OOPS!!!
  • Added RES and SCH handlers.
  • Basic logging support, viewable via system Event Viewer in Windows
  • Settings, Roles and Identities are persisted to file on exit
  • the hub was not sending the user their IP correctly when INF I40.0.0.0 was received