Nightly Builds for Direct Connect Apps

So we have been running a build archive since 25 oct 2009 (see Wikipedia for further information on nightly builds).

So far the builds hasn’t had a huge success but it seems to have its loyal followers so far we supply nightly builds on DC++, ADCH++ and DCBouncer we used to have uHub but they seemed to have discontinued Windows builds for now hoping that JVK will fix that. The build archive seems to work well since most bugs are caught before released that way making the distributions more stable.

Now ADCPortal can offer a 1gb FTP account for developers to upload their software to builds its not the fastest server in the world but it works and thats the main point, so now your asking yourself why not use a space on your own site well having a collected site is nice since users only have to remember one site instead of 15.

If your a developer and interested in getting build access talk to en_dator here at ADCPortal or at DCDev public. And if your a user and wanna Beta test software then the build archive is a perfect spot for you since its bleeding edge software.

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What I can offer is slow up & downloads :smiley: and disc space for your builds. But in addition to that I can also offer scripted builds if your software can be compiled in any scripted way (only windows at the moment).

If your source is publicly avaliable (or if you make it avaliable to me for download) I can make a script that syncs the source each night, then builds the binary and compress it into an archive and publish it on the builds archive.

Alternatively you can do it yourself and just upload the files by ftp (or web upload) to the builds archive.

(and yes I know the web site is ugly - but it works - and a prettier design is happening, someday)


so it happened today already

come on guys, go click in the top corner on that builds link now and then come back here and tell me what you think.

Out of town this week so the build server might fall behind a bit but ill sync up this weekend when i get home so just wait :slight_smile: