OS name in INF

The client should return the OS name in INF, it should return the name with version major,minor value, very useful for statistcs and much more.



Yes i Think thats a good thing to


Good Idea. I wish it too. Greets

Of course, it’s a good idea.

As I mentioned in the hub…

I have no problem with this proposal if there are those who want to send that info and those who want to capture it. The hubs that know about this extension should probably not forward this to other users as it is information that the user might not want to broadcast to the entire world…

The only issue I have is with the phrasing of “name and version”; “Windows 10” vs “Microsoft Windows 10” vs “Win 10” (“Ubuntu” vs “Ubuntu Vivid Vervet”) etc. What do browsers send and where do they specify what they might send? It’d be good if we could simply refer to the HTTP spec (or some one spec) where this is already specified.

Is this implemented in any current client? Would be nice to know what it writes out so we can have an example in the spec…

And please, no “+1”, they are completely useless.