The hublists pinger is currently been redeveloped thanks to pietry,
the new pinger will enable adc hubs to be on the hublist and automatically filter out any ctm exploitable hubs and remove them from the list.

Its exciting times for the hublist to be coming this far and it takes a team of people to make a good hublist so if you have any php programing skils and would like to help out drop me a pm please.

Also many thanks to Toast who has helped me get intouch with all these nice helpfull friendly people.

Good luck with your hublist development damouk, and welcome to adcportal :slight_smile: .

Now, i don’t have any php skills(nor any other coding skills for that matter), but such guys shouldn’t be hard to find around here :wink: !

And i’m glad that you guys have settled down things with Toast, after that rough start. He is mostly well intentioned, even if he has trouble expressing his “beliefs” in a more, hmmm…, diplomatic manner :confused: .

Well now that pinger has been released open source, publihublist can use that to ping adc/adcs, and it’s a good start for improving it. ( Since it already supports adc/adcs , ping and tigr its quite advanced )
Hope that will start to grow soon

Still leaves the problem with NMDC CTM Check

As I told damouk already I’m not in the nmdc business :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps someone else can help in there :unamused:

Well ADC is the future of DC so perhaps he might be content with running a ADC Hublist there by promoting ADC

Well imo. we are still at a stage where a dual hublist has the most market available, ie. providing both nmdc and adc hublists.

Regarding the NMDC part, the basics are already sorted…

What basics ?

ie. the nmdc pinger, and works well too, even if I say so myself… after the new system for nmdc is done then I’ll just use catalins adc pinger as a reference to add ADC support alongside the nmdc one.

it doesnt have CTM check and is there for kinda bad for the community if u haven’t been paying attention

lol, I am talking about the brand new php pinger in the making…