Regular expressions in SCH

The regular expression extension was in the pre-BASE/Extension split, and was later marked as “rejected”, specifically because my post about how you could abuse regular expressions. (My post;

So that no one uses the same FCC or field for something else, I want to reserve REGX (and RX) here.

Actually, if someone do indeed implement this feature, it is your prerogative and I will as such add it to that coming ADC-Ext revision.


=== Regular expressions in SCH
This extension will add Perl’s regular expressions (>> ) with full Unicode support to SCH.

Signal REGX in SUP and in the INF’s SU field.
|RE |Regular expression according to >

I want to bring this back from limbo, mostly to pose a question.

When this was originally rejected was any considerations made to making similar extension with more one dimensional pattern matching (such as wildcards which are considerably easier to implement, parse and even validate if necessary).