Remove "group-SID" from MSG PM

In the command MSG, the PM field specifies that the value is a “group-SID” of the SID that should be responded back to. If this is between two people, it should be the SID of the source user. Some people find that the phrasing of “group” is distracting and does not appear elsewhere in the document. There are ideas to accomplish “groups” in ADC, but that is not the point of this post (1 2).

The point here is that I’d like to change the parameter from:

|PM |Private message, is the SID clients must send responses to. This field must contain the originating SID if this is a normal private conversation.


|PM |Private message. Specifies the SID that clients must send responses to (“reply-to SID”). For example, this will be the originating SID if this is a private conversation between two clients. A private message is typically shown distinct from normal messages.

Above format is also a way to make sure the structure is consistent (name followed by explanation).