If I’m right , there is no backlink from the forums section of adcportal to the front page. The main link with the logo points to the forum startup page. I always have to modify the address in browser bar to to go back to frontpage and it’s quite annoying :smiley:
Can’t there be a backlink somewhere ? :unamused:

that could be made if crise has sometime to mod the theme ill let crise answer that when he sees this msg

if this is implemented i could make smth to replace the current logo(smth like a stylish backwards arrow).

Of course only if you want me to :slight_smile:

of course :smiley:

any progress Mythrael ?

i was kinda wayting for you to make the backlink, and afterwards i would make the button :confused:

i’ll try to post some by tommorrow.

its crise thats gonna make the backlink to mainpage i know nothing of php :stuck_out_tongue:

the last is a preview, and the first two are the png and gif of what you want.

It’'s not exactly what i had in mind but i couldn’t come up with anithing else.

think those are wrong measurements 183px × 34px

hehe it doesnt look that good :stuck_out_tongue:

updated…though i have a feeling that this will also get changed.

Made a simple icon now its up to crise to edit the forum style php file to it links instead of

nice :slight_smile: