Research on Direct Connect

I’m doing a little literature study related to P2P networks, and found, to my surprise, that there has actually been some research on DC. Here’s a list of publications that I’ve found on Google Scholar:

SS Gupta and S Rajagopalan, “A measurement-based study of the Direct Connect Network”, 2007. PDF

I. Bica and A. Furtunã, “DC++ and DDOS Attacks”, 2007(?). PDF
This reads like it was written as an assignment for a bachelor course. Not of particularly high quality, but an interesting read nonetheless. (I chuckled at the “Nowadays it is being maintained and developed by various groups from the Internet.”. Don’t worry, I’m from the Internet!)

K. Molin, “Measurement and Analysis of the Direct Connect Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Network”, 2009. PDF
Master Thesis, so somewhat more elaborate than a paper.

A.J. Alberts and A.S.J. Helberg, “Practical Implementation of a Virtual Currency Based Incentive Mechanism in a Direct Connect Peer-to-Peer System”, 2010(?). PDF

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like any of the above publications have been submitted or included in a journal. But they still make for a quite interesting read. :smiley:

må:21:16:25] Click below ‘Cached’:
[må:21:18:39] I found another one, too:
[må:21:18:53] Usability analysis of DC++… not very scientific though
[må:21:19:33] A powerpoint:
[må:21:26:08] Does that one even cover DC?
[må:21:26:34] Hm, perhaps not. Looked like it at first but no…
[må:21:31:21] Oh, the forum is online again
[må:21:32:57] Not English but there’s some references to DC.

Some more publications (some also mentioned by Pretorian in the previous post, but it’s nice to have them listed as more than just a URL):

J. Schou, G. Engström and T. Nordqvist, “Direct Connect: Evaluation of a Filesharing Application”, 2005. PDF
A usability analysis of DC++ 0.670. Written as part of a Human Computer Interaction course.

P. Gurvich, N. Koenigstein and Y. Shavitt, “Analyzing The DC File Sharing Network”, 2010. PDF

M.V. Bedekar and B. Deshpande, “Design and Implementation of a extensible Peer–to–Peer Content Recommendation System”, 2010. PDF
Has actually been included in a journal (IJCSE), but isn’t of particularly high quality.

And some that mention DC:

T. Karagiannis, A. Boido, et al. “File-sharing in the Internet: A characterization of P2P traffic in the backbone”, 2003. PDF

S. Sen and J. Wang, “Analyzing Peer-To-Peer Traffic Across Large Networks”, 2004. PDF

M. Perényi, T.D. Dang, et al. “Identification and Analysis of Peer-to-Peer Traffic”, 2006. PDF

Hm, I don’t know if there’s any difference to "Bica and A. Furtunã, “DC++ and DDOS Attacks”, but there is a PDF from the same guy;

Now that I’ve finished my masters thesis, I can finally add my own research to this list. :smiley:

Y. Heling, “Peer Selection in Direct Connect”, 2013. PDF
A literature study. Chapter 2 is probably the most interesting to DC client authors.

Y. Heling, “Biased Random Periodic Switching in Direct Connect”, 2014. PDF
A bunch of experiments showing that the current peer selection algorithm in ncdc isn’t very good, and how to do it better.