Running ADCH++ as a service instead of an application

Installing ADCH++ as a service requires it to be run in an elevated state as UAC will interfere in the process if its not executed as an administrator if its a Windows 7 or Vista machine its running on this is how you elevate adchpp.exe in Windows 7/Vista

command to issue

adchppd -i <your_variable>

How it would look if it fails

  • Right click on the application
  • Choose properties
  • Go to compatibility tab
  • Now execute the command adchpp - i (example: adchpp.exe -i myserver) in your adchpp folder
  • Grant the application access if you have UAC enabled

Now to verify that the installation of the service was a success we can check what services is installed via the control panel via (Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools).

To check if its there or not start the “services” application in administrative tools

So whats the difference between running as a program and as a service will basically if you wanna see the dos window or not so if you annoy yourself over a dos window run as a service instead.

More useful tips like this can be found in the ADCH++ User Guide